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Centrestage Communities delivers assets and strengths focussed activities to individuals and communities, many living with multiple deprivations, using the arts and enterprise as the main tools for raising aspiration, achievement, inclusion and community capacity. All of our projects aim to build on the knowledge and skills of all participants whilst developing their individual and collective strengths.

Reconnect, our original project delivered within HMP Kilmarnock since 2010 has developed into Catalyst, which provides meaningful support to men pre and post release, providing the individualised and intensive structures required to enable them to progress, providing every support possible to break the cycle of re-offending.


The Catalyst team deliver employability & enterprise training, lifeskills, housing, health, financial and welfare support alongside the creative skills learned prior to liberation.


By instilling the belief that they can make fundamental changes to their lives, regardless of their history, we aim to create new opportunities and empower our participants to believe that, through their own actions and efforts, they can make positive contributions to their families and communities and to challenge the labels that have defined them in the past.


The Catalyst project in turn has provided vital understanding that we have applied in the development of our Catalyst Families and Catalyst Communities models which launched in 2014 in Kilmarnock and Ardeer.


We also provide opportunities that allow the wider community to understand the challenges of being an “outsider”. This is a vital part of our strategy as there is no reason for our most vulnerable clients to change their negative behaviours if, when their lives are stabilised and dignified, they are still judged by their past label-

ex-addict; ex- offender...

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