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Centrestage Communities delivers assets and strengths focussed activities to individuals and communities, many living with multiple deprivations, using the arts and enterprise as the main tools for raising aspiration, achievement, inclusion and community capacity. All of our projects aim to build on the knowledge and skills of all participants whilst developing their individual and collective strengths.

What Centrestage Means to me... with Ross McCrone

What Centrestage Means to me meets Centrestage Technician Ross McCrone

I’ve been coming to Centrestage for a long time. Over ten years in fact and it’s been the most incredible thing to see it develop and grow over that time!

I first came to Centrestage to take part in the Technical Theatre classes which Paul Mathieson was teaching. I really enjoyed the classes and felt like it was something I wanted to learn a lot more about. The classes really helped to develop my confidence as well as my knowledge of lighting, sound, building sets and production. It was fascinating and I’ve been hooked ever since!!

It’s a great team at Centrestage and there’s always something going on. What it does for people is amazing and it’s been fantastic to see people literally grow up with Centrestage, learning so many new skills in production and the arts, it’s a special place!

I’ve studied Performance and Production Management and I’m sure that my experience at Centrestage has really helped me in making my way.

For anyone with a desire of getting into stagework and production I would highly recommend the Technical Theatre classes which take place at Centrestage on a Saturday afternoon.

I work in number of different venues and productions across Scotland as and when they need me. Centrestage teaches you to always be ready!

— Ross McCrone

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